Experiment Outdoors: Shot on the streets

September 25, 2018

Portrait photography in outdoors infuses a fresh, creative and an interesting approach to the portraits. There are so many things around us that we simply ignore because we are used to working in controlled environments. Spaces have immense beauty and details; if used attentively it can bring uniqueness in every photograph with an environmental approach to it.

Shooting portraits on the streets were full of fun and madness. Capturing people without letting them know and without distracting them during the process was naturally giving effortless beautiful results. Shooting on streets can make your thoughts run wild. There are hundreds of element in the surrounding and as a photographer, you have to choose the best one which solves your purpose without adulterating it. The whole street is a huge stage, people on the streets are characters and you have to randomly spot interesting frames. Without any prior preparation or settings, sometimes just going with the flow may give you some of the most joyous experience of life.

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