Abstract Portrait Photography

September 06, 2019

One of the most interesting calendar shoots we did, was on the concept of ‘Introspection’. We chose to keep the look & feel of the shoot as abstract. Abstract portrait photography is a unique name in the field of portraiture. The images are shot with a theme in mind, but at the same time, each Image has multiple sub-stories. The viewer has to deal with multiple meanings and leave room for more than one way of understanding. The images are conceptual and hypothetical with more than one explanation behind it.

Introspection relates to searching within oneself, it’s a mental experience. Capturing a mental experience and showcasing it in the form of photography was something, that we put a lot of thought in. To achieve the mood and substance that remains in the context of the concept, we played with the anatomy of models and worked largely on the manipulation and post-production process. Each imagery has a depth & a story, that each one of you can connect with, as, each image deals with one or the other aspect of ‘introspection’.

For more artistic portraits, check out ‘ABSTRACT’ section on our website homepage.

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